Meet The Owners
JAAD's was established in 1996 by Andrew and Theresa Hardwick. They are both graduates of Alabama State University. As Director, Mrs. Hardwick holds a Masters Degree in Education. She was employed by The Montgomery Public School System as a teacher and administrator, and has over 30 years professional experience.

"As owners of an established early learning center, we pledge to every client our sincerity, respect, gratitude, and a great appreciation for your child. We are in business to teach/train your child about social, emotional, spiritual, language, physical, and cognitive skills; creating lasting relationships for years to come. We believe in quality teaching and providing a solid academic foundation for each child we touch."
Latest News

JAAD's was closed for a few weeks because of the pandemic. We re-opened Monday, August 10, 2020.

The building was professionally cleaned and disinfected. We are taking extra precautions everyday to keep everyone safe. Kudos to you all!

You are all considered first responders because you are working. Please stay safe! For more information on how to stay safe please visit:
CDC COVID19 Facts Sheet