Health, Safety, & Security
Environmental Health, an agency of the Montgomery County Health Department inspects licensed child care centers quarterly. The Montgomery County Health Department rates our establishment and issues food permits.

The Center practices sanitary guidelines to prevent the spread of disease. Our caregivers and children wash their hands to prevent contamination. All food and bottles are handled in a safe and sanitary manner. The building is cleaned nightly.

JAAD's has a hazard-free environment for children both indoors and outdoors. The children's environment is planned so that materials and equipment are age appropriate and in good repair. JAAD's Staff is engaged with all children at all times.

ID is required for all visitors. The building is under constant surveillance. The outdoor area is secured by an 8-foot fence. For security, everyone is required to enter and exit through the front door.

Emergency and Evacuation Plans
Inclement Weather procedures are posted in every classroom. We have fire drills and bad weather drills monthly. Our staff is well versed on what to do in both instances. Taking into account the severity of the storm and the distance as it relates to time for the clients to come get their children, always influences the decision to close. In the event we do decide to close we always give advanced warning by calling all parents. To ensure our plans reach everyone we inform all local media outlets of our intentions.

Parents/Guardians must complete a medication form set by minimum standards before medication can be given to your child. The Center will not administer medicine by phone call. It must be in writing.

Latest News

JAAD's was closed for a few weeks because of the pandemic. We re-opened Monday, August 10, 2020.

The building was professionally cleaned and disinfected. We are taking extra precautions everyday to keep everyone safe. Kudos to you all!

You are all considered first responders because you are working. Please stay safe! For more information on how to stay safe please visit:
CDC COVID19 Facts Sheet